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IFT theatre is a not for profit professional performing arts company based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 2011 by Theatre Creator-Director Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu, winner of the Mallory Gilbert Leadership Protege Award. IFT theatre  focuses on creating and producing culturally diverse work that is interdisciplinary or experimental in form, content and style.

Inspired by an insatiable desire and pursuit for artistic freedom, IFT is a home for artists and audiences of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds.

Our Freedom Charter:

  • We believe in the freedom to create and explore and dream further, deeper and wider into what the theatrical experience can be. Not just for us as theatre makers, but for you as our audience.
  • We believe in the freedom to bring stories, all kinds of stories, to the stage. Stories about our past, our present and our future. Stories about the seen and the unseen. Stories about the microscopic and the grand matters of life.
  • We believe in the freedom to cross and push and bend the lines that separate different art forms.
  • We believe in the freedom to take the theatrical experience out of the confines of a closed theatre space and into the communities around us.
  • We believe in the freedom to grow, and change and adapt our artistic practice as we grow and change and as our world changes with us.

Members & Staff

Mumbi Tindyebwa- Artistic Director/Producer

Mariuxi Zambrano- Artistic Associate and Resident Designer


Core Collaborators:

Newface Enteratinment: General Management and Production:

Motion Live- Poet/Playwright


Core Design team:

Thomas Ryder Payne- Sound Design

David Mesiha- Sound Design, Composition

Snezana Pesic –Set and Costume Design

Jennifer Jimenez- Lighting Design

Sarah Mansikka- Lighting Design

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