Here's a list of current projects and upcoming ones.


Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape is an urban libretto that tells the story of a B-Girl and her partner the DJ, as they transverse time, place and the Diaspora in a multi-disciplinary remix of theatre, music and spoken word. 


Motherland is a new project in development from the same company that brought you the hit site specific play, Nightmare Dream. Motherland gives voice to the story of African mother’s encounter with the Western world, both in a historical context and in the modern reality of foreign adoption.

Just Me, You and The Silence

A powerful new play by Ugandan writer ADONG Lucy Judith about the harsh anti-homosexuality laws that divide her country. Just Me, You and the Silence traces the rise of a fictional politician who uses his new found power to introduce a bill that divides a nation. A panel discussion will follow the reading.

Nightmare Dream

Simon Dube, an African immigrant haunted by his disconnection to his traditional culture on the eve of returning to the country of his birth to perform the burial rites of his father’s funeral. Simon’s journey is an evolution of the African self that ebbs into high dreams and terrifying nightmares.