Concept and Direction by Mumbi Tindyebwa
Written by Motion
Workshop “sneak peak” production February 25 2014
Sponsored by the TD Then and Now Festival and Black Artists in Network Dialogue 

Motherland is a new project in development from the same company that brought you the hit site specific play, Nightmare Dream.

Because I Love You gives voice to the story of African mother’s encounter with the Western world, both in a historical context and in the modern reality of foreign adoption.

Set inside the St Lawrence Hall, Because I Love You is told through the style of myth, magic, and ritual and a unique blending of text, sound and movement.

The piece is the second of ‘The Nightmare Dream Series’, a trilogy of experimental theatre projects exploring the African encounter with the ‘other’.

Concept and Direction by Mumbi Tindyebwa / Written by Motion / Choreography by Esie Mensah / Original Sound Design and Music by David Mesiha / Visual Art, Costume and Set Design by Mariuxi Zambrano / Lighting Design by Jennifer Jimenez / Staring: Kristina Nicoll, Abena Malika, Kristy Kennedy, Lily Francks, Andrea Davis, Kerry Ann Doherty and Esie Mensah


visceral..the cast was phenomenal..intimate..beautiful...well executed..
— Audience feedback from workshop preview


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