Playing at OFF CINARS Montreal, Nov 17-19 2016
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Oraltorio: a Theatrical Mixtape is an urban libretto that tells the story of a B-Girl and her partner the DJ, as they transverse time, place and the Diaspora in a multi-disciplinary remix of theatre, music and spoken word. Exploring the form of Spoken Word opera, Oraltorio explores the historical silencing of Black and women's voices, and the intertwined revolutions and resistance signified by music and oral culture in the African Diaspora.

Follow the personal and collective journey of Northside-born girls to women as they grapple with identity, migrate through their histories, and manifest their lineages through ancient, contemporary and Afro-futuristic soundscapes. Oraltorio is an aural riff on music, race, gender, culture, memory, otherness, resistance, ritual, silence, survival and inheritance, and finding the multi-layered voices of the B Girl and the DJ, as the traditional storyteller and drummer are reborn in their beats and rhymes.


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the boom-bap of rap,
the screech of rock,
the cycle of 12 bar blues,
the polyphony of freedom songs,
the abandon of disco,
the bounce of the club,
the rebellion of secret drums.
— Motion


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